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reaffirming the power of elegance in cambodia

colorblind spring/summer 2022-2023 collection was introduced last friday during a highly expected fashion show. away from catwalks for years, jean-benoît lasselin and his team reaffirmed the power of the brand during a prestigious show in the gardens of the french embassy of Phnom Penh.

jean-benoît lasselin couldn't stay away from catwalk any longer. commenting on his latest creations, the fashion designer explains that the desire was here, especially for the public. filled with revisited classics, colorblind spring/summer 2022-2023 introduces a casual vision of phnom penh modern lifestyle with mature lines, sports attitude and undertaken colors.

from prince of wales to white, colorblind expresses a wish of freedom in the wardrobe. with most of the models wearing sneakers, the suit jumps out one more time from the business attire to fully bloom into a stylish experience.

with an uninhibited rhythm, the suit is orange, plaided, stripped and topless to exceed its pace. "elegance is an attitude" comments sonita van, general manager of the brand.

colorblind fashion show was underlined with the presence of the iconic kouy chandanich and em riem on the runaway. colorful, fluid and fashionable, the new collection featured dynamic wools, short-trousers, fitted jackets and light cottons. the public also noted a strong presence of linen shirts, traditionally shunned in the regional market stores. as is customary of colorblind, the color blue was a heavy hitter in this spring and summer looks.

many local celebrities cleared their schedule to attend this fashion evening. their presence reverberated around the country via social media, and fans loved it. their support for cambodian modern lifestyle felt empowering to many upcoming fashion designers met during the show after party, willing to step forward in this growing industry.

groundbreaking in more ways than one, colorblind fashion show was the first-ever runway show held at the gardens of the french embassy of phnom penh. and as show of such note, it couldn’t disappoint.

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